4 Signs to Call Foundation Contractors About Soil Drainage

Your home is a massive investment. That’s why it pays to protect it, especially if you suspect something is wrong with its foundation. A foundation issue is serious as it threatens your home’s safety. If ignored, the damage can be costly and, worse, may result in your property collapsing, causing damage and injuries. To fix a foundation and prevent this danger, you need to have the right foundation contractors and know the signs of damage. Here are the top signs that your foundation has a soil drainage issue.

1. Cracks on the Walls, Floor, and Foundation

Your foundation could be in trouble if there are any visible cracks in it or the floor and walls. This is a common sign that the foundation may have shifted for some reason, leaving gaps and causing damage. The ground can shift for many reasons, including heat from radioactive processes within the earth’s interior. According to Home Advisor, cracks wider than one-eighth of an inch are cause for concern. You should also watch out for big horizontal cracks that may run through the concrete wall. If you notice any, call your foundation contractors immediately.

2. The Foundation Is Sinking

If you notice your home slanting on one side or it seems like it’s sinking into the ground, call your foundation contractor immediately to check the issue. This is primarily a soil compaction or a foundation issue. Fortunately, it can be repaired. Your foundation contractors may need to reinforce it using foundation piers. Always check for sinking foundations. Even the slightest slope can harm your home’s stability and become a big problem if ignored.

3. Windows and Doors Fail to Open Properly

If your doors and windows are not opening as usual or you notice gaps around the frames, you could have foundation trouble. When the foundation is misaligned, or the house is sinking or shifting, it affects the window and door alignment. Check which doors and windows appear crooked to know where the problem is coming from.

4. Sagging or Uneven Floors

A floor that is bowing, sagging, or dipping affects your furniture’s stability and is a major sign of a problematic foundation. They are unsightly and dangerous, especially for small children and senior adults. Uneven floors can be caused by different drainage issues in specific areas of your home.

It’s important for the health of your home and the safety of your family that you know the signs of soil drainage problems that can affect the foundation. Contact Foundation King today for more information on signs of foundation problems and why you should call foundation contractors.

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