4 Signs to Call Foundation Contractors About Soil Drainage

foundation contractors

Your home is a massive investment. That’s why it pays to protect it, especially if you suspect something is wrong with its foundation. A foundation issue is serious as it threatens your home’s safety. If ignored, the damage can be costly and, worse, may result in your property collapsing, causing damage and injuries. To fix…

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What to Expect When You Hire Basement Waterproofing Services

basement waterproofing services

According to Bob Vila, professional basement waterproofing services can range in cost from $2,300 to $7,300. If you’re tired of having to deal with a wet or damp basement, you’ve probably scheduled a waterproofing treatment to take care of the problem once and for all. Continue reading to learn more about what to expect. Initial…

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5 Signs You Need to Call Basement Waterproofers

Water damage is one of the leading causes of structural damage in homes. Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t see the need to waterproof their basements until there’s a need for repairs. By the time your basement is flooding, it’s most likely already severely damaged. Recovering from such a loss can be a huge challenge. Before things…

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5 Ways to Spot Foundation Issues That Need Repair

foundation repair contractors

Your house is one of the most expensive investments you’ll ever make. That’s why you should protect it at all costs, especially the foundation, which serves as a base for the rest of the structure. According to Home Advisor, you should be concerned when you see cracks wider than a third of an inch in…

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5 Helpful Fall Home Maintenance Tips

FALL HOME MAINTENANCE TIPS As we head into fall, it’s important to remember to perform some general home maintenance around your property before winter sets in. By getting your home ready for the change in seasons, you decrease the risk of foundational issues that often result from water damage. Check out the 5 tips below…

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Everything You Need to Know about Polyjacking

When we are called to assist a home owner or business owner with a free estimate on whether they should level their concrete, or replace it, our customers are often pleasantly surprised that they can have perfectly aligned concrete again in a matter of minutes–saving them time and money. That’s because when compared to concrete replacement, the process…

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What You Need to Know About the Different Types of Home Foundations

The stability and longevity of any building starts from the foundation up. There are different types of foundations, and your foundation contractor should recommend the best option for your facility. Various factors determine the type of foundation you should use. These include the geological elements of your property, the time of construction, and the kind…

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What is Piering & How Can it Help My Foundation?

  Have you heard another homeowner talk about piering of a foundation but weren’t exactly sure what that means? A concentrically loaded push pier is a structural, steel pier that is pushed deep into the ground to add stability to the foundation. A push pier can be installed deep into the soil all the way…

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Why Summertime is a Great Time for Foundation Repair

summer foundation repair

Many Homeowners wonder which time of year is best to have their foundation repaired. Summer means warmer weather and dryer, more workable soil in the Kansas City area, so why not invest in foundation repairs when you won’t have to worry about rain and water damage? Here are a few reasons why summer is an excellent…

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3 Reasons to Hire Basement Waterproofing Contractors

Wet Basement

Regardless of whether you own a new or old home, you probably have a basement. Most basements are located at least partially underground. This means that your basement is surrounded by dirt or soil on the other side of its foundation. This certainly is not true for all basements, but it is very common for…

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