Egress Windows

What Is an Egress Window? Egress windows looks just like a regular large window, but opens fully to allow a building's inhabitants to safely escape in the event of an emergency, such as a house fire or other emergency. Current residential building code also requires an egress window to be installed in a basement bedroom for the room to be legally qualified as bedroom as part of a real estate sale. One of the best ways to improve the value of your home is to add an extra bedroom. If your home has a basement, unused space there is a prime candidate for converting into additional living space. 

The area directly outside the egress window’s opening also must meet certain requirements. And an egress window installed below ground level (also known as “below grade”) requires a “window well.”

A window well is a rectangular or half-circle shield that sits inside an excavated portion of the earth surrounding a below-ground basement window. They’re typically made of galvanized steel or polyethylene, and feature flanges on either side that fasten to your home’s foundation.

Egress windows use window wells for protection against the damaging effects of rocks, dirt and moisture. An egress window well must be larger than regular wells to provide ample space for inhabitants to easily escape. And it may also require a ladder if the well is too deep for someone to easily climb out.

Foundation King installs a complete egress window system to code, complete with escape ladder, rain-proof cover, and window well with decorative gravel for an appealing interior view. Multiple finishing options are available; check with your evaluator for more information. 

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