Wall Straightening

Poured and block basement walls are subject to lateral pressure from the soil outside. When the soil surrounding the foundation becomes over-saturated, due to inadequate drainage, the soil expands and increases the pressure on the wall.  Under these conditions, walls can bow, bulge and/or tilt inward. Left unrepaired, this wall movement can lead to major or even catastrophic damage to the foundation of the home it supports.

The basic method of interior repair for a bowed wall is to stabilize it, stop any further movement and increase the strength of the wall to resist lateral pressure. Application of FIBERLOCK™ Wall Bracing Strips provide superior material properties compared to traditional methods of repair, take up less interior space (approximately 1/8” thickness) and require no maintenance compared to thick steel beam and anchor methods.

Foundation King uses a proven technique for wall stabilization called a Wall Pushback System for wall straightening. The wall is excavated to the footing at a width of approximately two feet. The wall is pushed plumb (vertical) as much as possible before being stabilized.  Pressure is then applied to the inside of the wall and the wall is then pushed as close to plumb as structurally allowable. To stabilize the wall, carbon fiber wall restraints are applied to the interior of the wall, and the building is then lowered back onto the foundation wall to achieve wall straightening. Depending on the remaining repair plan for the property, a drain tile and a waterproofing system can be installed if applicable.