5 Signs You Need to Call Basement Waterproofers

Water damage is one of the leading causes of structural damage in homes. Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t see the need to waterproof their basements until there’s a need for repairs. By the time your basement is flooding, it’s most likely already severely damaged. Recovering from such a loss can be a huge challenge. Before things get that far, consider some preventative measures! Here are five signs that you need to call basement waterproofers for help as soon as possible.


1. The Presence of Mold


Mold grows in dark and damp environments. That’s why the basement is such a high-risk area. Some types of mold can grow in as little as one to two days, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, meaning you can’t let your guard down. As you may already know, mold can be a seriously dangerous substance to have present around the house. It can affect your respiratory health, making it hard to breathe, and it feeds on organic matter, leading to rot and structural damage. Consider waterproofing your home when you see it.


2. A Musty Odor and Damp Air


This is another sign to waterproof your basement. There might not be pools of water on the floor, but if a musty smell develops where there wasn’t one before, it means there’s moisture in the atmosphere. The smell can also be associated with poor ventilation or a leak. Basement waterproofing will eliminate the problem, however.


3. Shimmers on the Wall


Be sure to call basement waterproofers if you see shimmers on the wall. The basement walls appearing sparkly means efflorescence is forming. This happens when the foundation walls have hairline cracks. Minerals from the wall get absorbed and deposited on the surface, hence the shimmery appearance.


4. Water Stains


Unless you can tell that the stains in your home are the result of a recent leak or spill, you should take note of any discolorations you notice. These spots indicate water has seeped through the foundation at some point. You can assume that if a leak has happened before, it’ll happen again.


5. Bowed Walls


Have you noticed a bulge or inward curve in your foundation walls? This requires your immediate attention. Bowed walls can cause horizontal cracks that allow water to infiltrate the basement, compromising the entire basement and foundation. Waterproof the basement immediately before the issue gets serious. According to HomeAdvisor, waterproofing a basement typically costs between $2,300 to $7,300 depending on the size and location. This is significantly cheaper than what it’ll cost you to fix a damaged foundation.


Any of these signs indicate that the structural integrity of your home and your health may be at risk. Don’t wait until the problem gets worse. Contact us at Foundation King today for more information about our services! Our basement waterproofers would love to help you safeguard your home.

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