5 Ways to Spot Foundation Issues That Need Repair

Your house is one of the most expensive investments you’ll ever make. That’s why you should protect it at all costs, especially the foundation, which serves as a base for the rest of the structure. According to Home Advisor, you should be concerned when you see cracks wider than a third of an inch in your foundation. Luckily, this article explores five easy ways to spot issues in your foundation that need repair. That way, you’ll bring in foundation repair contractors as soon as possible to provide long-lasting support to your house.


1. Floor and Ceiling Warping

Your floor and the ceiling are the only building services that run parallel to the foundation. They mirror what happens in the foundation’s structure. If you see them warping or sagging, your foundation is likely weak. Pay attention to the gaps where the walls and ceiling meet and you’ll see if warping has happened or not.


2. Cracks in the Interior Sheetrock

If your interior sheetrock cracks run nearly the wall’s height and are zigzagging, you could have foundation issues. If the wallpaper is pulling away from the wall, contact foundation repair contractors as soon as possible.


3. Rotten Pier, Beams, and Floor

If your piers and beams have rotten wood, the humidity levels in the foundation could be too high, causing structural integrity issues. If your floor is made of wood, check if it feels bouncy. If a jump makes it sink a little, your foundation may be problematic and require you to bring in foundation repair contractors immediately.


4. Drainage Issues Around the House

If you notice water pooling in your yard, it’s most likely due to foundation issues. The foundation may have shifted, explaining the excess water you see collecting around your home. This occurrence can affect the quality of your soil and any landscaping or hardscaping on your property if left unaddressed.


5. Damage to the Exterior Walls

If you inspect the exterior walls and find cracks, decay, mold, water stains, or warps, you might be dealing with foundational issues. Because of foundation settling, walls will lose support and develop fissures. With that much happening out of sight, your best option is to bring in professional foundation repair contractors.

Give your building regular checks for any of the signs, and you’ll surely stay ahead of any structural damage. To avoid further damage, ask foundation repair contractors to come in, assess the extent of the issue, and offer workable solutions. Professional repair services ensure you and your loved ones are safe in your house. Contact Foundation King today to get started with our services.

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