Carbon Fiber Crack Repair

Carbon Fiber Concrete Crack Repair

FIBERLOCK™ Carbon Fiber Crack Repair is a cost effective method that seals, stabilizes and strengthens cracks. The FIBERLOCK™ kit’s filler compound seals the crack to eliminate seepage while the carbon fiber provides tensile strength to the compromised concrete and works to minimize any movement of the crack reducing the chance of any failure. It is important you let your Foundation King evaluator identify the type of cracks and recommend the most suitable coarse of repair. It is also recommended to apply FIBERLOCK™ Carbon Fiber Crack Repair after piering a wall. This completes your structure repair; it reinforces a compromised wall and stops water, insects and gases from entering through open/exposed cracks.


Understanding Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is a light-weight, high performance material stronger and lighter than steel.  It was originally developed for aerospace and military applications. As costs decreased, its applications continued to grow into more main stream markets. Over the past 25 years, automotive, marine and commercial infrastructure have incorporated carbon fibers into strength and weight driven applications. Gateway Composites are carbon fiber specialists that have taken their experience in commercial infrastructure, to continuously adapt and improve carbon fabric constructions, resin properties, rebar, rod and staple forms to meet the critical to quality characteristics (CTQs) for residential infrastructure repair.