How Much Should I Expect Foundation Repair to Cost?

It may become a significant expense when you have a house with foundation problems. Often as a house settles, the foundation can crack. These cracks may lead to more significant structural concerns in your home. When you notice these cracks, it would not be a surprise if you become worried about the cost. Before you contact a foundation repair contractor, you should be aware of what may impact the price.

Average Cost for Foundation Repair

According to Home Advisor, the average price that most homeowners will pay is around $4,640 to repair foundation issues. However, the range you can expect to find is $2,012 to $7,074. The more significant the settling problems with foundations are could mean piers are needed, and you may end up paying upwards of $10,000. Minor foundation cracks may only cost $500. The length of time it takes to make the repairs will dictate the price.

Labor and Materials

The average cost of labor is approximately $200 an hour. This kind of repair often requires permits that may cost between $75 to $150. The material that is needed depends on the problem of the foundation. The common materials used in this type of repair are grout, epoxy, cement, sealant, and polyurethane foam, to name a few. It may also need steel support beams or steel reinforcement strips. A professional foundation repair contractor will be able to tell you what material is required.

Reason for the Repair

The cause of the issues with the foundation varies based on the house and how it needs to be repaired. The type of foundation also determines how it needs to be fixed. The prices change based on all of these factors. Foundation problems can be caused by leaks, shifting, crumbling, foundation bowing, and soil erosion. A foundation repair contractor is the best one to tell you what has caused your foundation problems.

Severity of the Damage

Some foundations that have been maintained poorly or built on poorly compacted soil can be the cause of substantial damage to your house. As the foundation moves and settles, it causes cracks and prevents the doors and walls from closing easily.

When you see any cracks in your foundation, it is essential that you have a professional foundation repair contractor come to assess the damage to determine what your next step should be.

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