KingPin Piering Fixes Chimney Leaning

Piering to Fix Chimney Leaning

Chimney leaning is a problem many homeowners face as a direct result of unstable soil. Are you concerned that you might have chimney leaning issues? First, take a look at the joint between the house siding and the exterior chimney. If a gap has opened up, it’s a pretty sure sign the chimney has begun to lean. Previous owners may have filled the gap with mortar, caulk, or foam insulation, but these measures only mask the problem. Leaking around a chimney can also be another sign that your chimney is settling.

Foundation King uses its patented KingPin Piering technology to repair your leaning chimney to fix the problem from the ground up. Our solution allows for the the piers to rest on a solid layer of load-bearing strata instead of unstable soils, which can shift and expand due to moisture. Once the chimney is stable, our expert crew will lift your chimney as much as is practically allowable. See the below Before & After pictures from one of our recent projects where we were able to shore the chimney flush to the house with piering. Give us a call today to schedule an estimate for your leaning chimney! 

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