Exterior Sealing & Waterproofing

At Foundation King, we strive to stop all water leakage into your home. To do so, we utilize a flexible, 60 mil poly-membrane called MEL-ROL to effectively stop leaking around your home. MEL-ROL is the most proven and most effective method for stopping water leakage.

During the waterproofing process, the foundation wall is excavated to the footing at a width of approximately two feet. The foundation wall and the top of the footing are cleaned and prepared to accept the membrane. The membrane is applied to the wall with adhesive. Wrapping the membrane on the top of the footing ensures that any water leaking between the footing and the foundation wall is stopped.

Once the membrane is applied, the drain tile is installed on top of the footing (if this is part of your personal repair plan), and the wall is back-filled with approximately 2/3 gravel ,and the final third is back-filled with the original excavated soil. The gravel will allow water to flow to the top of the footing. Grade will be finished to slope away from the property to maintain proper drainage at the surface. Excess soil is then hauled away, unless specified otherwise by the customer.